Don’t Make These Two Classic Managment Mistakes

Unbridled IT projects and lack of communication have been the cause of much waste in healthcare.  Just this last week I encountered a client that had major cost overruns because of unclear communication with their IT department.  This group had simply given IT a general directive on a sizable project and simply left them to run on autopilot.  The took longer than expected and was running way over budget.  Of course this was all discovered when the final deliverable failed to meet expectations of stakeholders, which in this case was both physicians and management.

Not everyone enjoys IT (and probably even less enjoy revenue cycle management – lol) but executive management must remain engaged enough to provide specific directives and oversee its execution.  In this case literally no one had a strong interest in the project.  It was simply something that had to be done and so it got dumped on IT with predictable results.

This phenomenon repeats itself over and over in our world of healthcare and business, and it certainly isn’t limited to IT projects.   We all know it but it certainly bears repeating:

  1. Communicate clearly and specifically the end-goal of the project – How will be measured?  What results will tell us success has been achieved?
  2. Communicate the progress of the project early, often, far and wide – Keep everyone informed on what is going on and insert ample opportunity for feedback.

Simple steps that can avert much pain and anguish whether the project is IT, a growth initiative or customer service.

Communication averts trouble

I just happened to be reading Shep Hyken’s The Amazement Revolution while visiting this client and thought, “Man, the devil is always in the details.”

– James