5 Healthcare Reimbursement Trends

There is a lot of effort and innovation being tested in the area of healthcare reimbursement right now.  Ideally some, or even many, of these reimbursement models will prove to reduce the seemingly unstoppable trend of rising healthcare costs in the US.  All of these models represent curve balls that we must contend with in the day to day world of revenue cycle management.  Each one has its own nuances and adds to administrative challenges those of us in revenue cycle management must contend with on an operational level.

Abby Norman does a succinct job of sizing of five of the top trends in healthcare reimbursement right now in her recent article.

  1. ACO Models of Reimbursement
  2. The slow demise of the fee-for-service model
  3. Payment bundling
  4. Medicare Advantage plans continue to endure
  5. The integration of technology into the healthcare landscape

I agree with Abby’s conclusion whole-heatedly:

While many of these new changes are exciting and have promise for revamping our ailing healthcare system, it will also require enormous leaps of faith from not just payers and hospitals, but providers and patients. The lines between administration and clinical practice, to patients and families are becoming more and more blurred as the industry evolves – and physicians especially are finding themselves stuck in the middle of frazzled administrators with lots of demands and patients who are older and sicker than ever before. When you put it like that, it makes you think doctors aren’t paid nearly enough to be that stressed.

– James