6 Bad Habits Keeping You Down

  1. Trying to do everything yourself – Just because you can do everything yourself doesn’t mean you should.  Doing everything yourself limits your overall capacity while involving others makes you scalable and helps other to grow.  Share the love and foster a team mentality.
  2. Apologizing too much – Failure is a vital part of learning.  And, as they say, you only fail if you fail to try.  You’re not reaching if you don’t find yourself falling short occasionally.  It’s not necessary to apologize for every shortcoming.  And, save the strongest words – “I’m sorry” – for the genuinely big mistakes.
  3. Taking on too much – New projects can be exciting but taking on too much will spread you too thin and compromise your work.  Additionally, once others discover you have the capacity to help them there will be a never ending line of takers waiting to be helped.  Helping others is good but know your limits and know when to say “no”.  Stay focused on what really matters.
  4. Negativity – Negativity is an energy sucker for both you and those around you.  What people really gravitate towards is passion and enthusiasm.  Have courage to ask yourself the hard questions.  What would it take to make you wake up excited about each and every day?  Pursue those things and incorporate them into your life.
  5. Doing things the same old way – Innovation and growth is one of the keys to both company and personal success.  Seek feedback from others and tap into new resources to bring ideas on how you can improve your world.  How can you innovate in both your professional and personal life?
  6. Being disorganized -Millions of hours are wasted each year looking for misplaced things.  Studies show that unorganized workspaces drain productivity.  Make time to organize your work space, your personal space and your virtual space.   Just start.  Once you get started momentum will carry you through.