About James Muir

James Muir is an experienced management and operations healthcare professional with 28+ years of experience in revenue cycle management.

James is an advocate for revenue management cycle stakeholders everywhere and seeks to keep the industry informed on the latest trends, news and developments in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management.

James specializes in formulating strategies that leverage technology and automation to make the revenue cycle process more efficient and effective.

Adoption of best practices typically involves the adoption of new processes in addition to technology.  James keeps the RCM community informed on the latest tactics and tools that can be used to improve financial performance and operational efficiency for medical groups.

Regulation and compliance play a major role in revenue cycle management so keeping up with the latest developments is critical to success.

James is frequently involved in growth initiatives for organizations that involve team building, speaking, training and coaching. His jovial nature makes him fun to work with during times that might otherwise be considered stressful.


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James Muir
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