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Is the ACA responsible for declining physician reimbursement?

I got an interesting question from my friend Josh Evans regarding a recent article I posted on LinkedIn about declining physician reimbursement.  Josh suggested that declining physician reimbursement might be tied to the Affordable Care Act.  It has been an ongoing trend and the ACA has accelerated it.  Here is my reply to Josh below:…

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Regulatory Burden Forces More Staff

MGMA: Regulatory Burden = More Staff

Increasing administrative work also increases costs.  We all know that.  Recently the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) put the numbers to that fact.  The average cost?  $52,000 per FTE physician. Debra Beaulieu-Volk summarizes these findings in her recent article.  She reports that as regulatory and administrative burdens on medical groups increases, so also does the…

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