How Bad Collection Practices Put Your Practice at Risk

Are Bad Collection Practices Putting Your Practice at Risk?

Another great article from Mary Pat Whaley on how poor collections practices put practices at risk.  A recent study by SuccessEHS determined that only 21% of patient balances not collected at time of service are ever collected.  That is simply astonishing.  Mary shares valuable facts affecting all of us and suggest some possible solutions.

One of those is running a credit card on file program (CCOF) and I whole-heatedly agree with Mary Pat Whaley on this issue.  Because 30-35% of practice revenue is now coming from the patient practices must step up their game.  While there are more strategies beyond running a credit card on file program for collecting patient balances, my personal opinion is that running a credit card on file program is the most effective and easiest to implement.

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