Venture Capital Healthcare Technology Investment

Venture Capital Funders Looking to Healthcare Technology Firms for Next Round of Profit

Reuters reports that healthcare technology firms are the target of venture capital funders because they see healthcare tech firms as a reliable path to profits.  Reuters reports: Some of the best-known technology investors are looking beyond their tried-and-true Internet plays to bet on health care data as the next growth market. Venture capital firms and…

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ICD10 bizarre codes

Friday Humor – Struck by Orca: ICD-10 Illustrated

Who doesn’t get a kick out of all of the bizarre ICD-10 codes out there?  If that’s your bag then you will enjoy “Struck by Orca: ICD-10 Illustrated” edited by Niko Skievaski.  Struck By Orca is a collection of visual interpretations of various ICD-10 codes.  Lots of fun actually.  I can’t help myself when it…

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6 Bad Habits Keeping You Down

Trying to do everything yourself – Just because you can do everything yourself doesn’t mean you should.  Doing everything yourself limits your overall capacity while involving others makes you scalable and helps other to grow.  Share the love and foster a team mentality. Apologizing too much – Failure is a vital part of learning.  And,…

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EHR Certification Flexibility Final Rule Commentary and Analysis

Detailed (but concise) Commentary & Analysis on the EHR Certification Flexibility Final Rule

Almost no one seems happy with the flexibility final rule on EHR certification from CMS.  John Lynn provides a detailed but concise commentary and analysis of the EHR certification flexibility final rule and why so many are disappointed with it.  I happened to be in an industry meeting on the subject yesterday headed by expert…

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How Bad Collection Practices Put Your Practice at Risk

Are Bad Collection Practices Putting Your Practice at Risk?

Another great article from Mary Pat Whaley on how poor collections practices put practices at risk.  A recent study by SuccessEHS determined that only 21% of patient balances not collected at time of service are ever collected.  That is simply astonishing.  Mary shares valuable facts affecting all of us and suggest some possible solutions. One…

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The ASC Recipe for Success

Tip for ASC RCM Success

Change has been hitting the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) space full blast.  Reimbursement and revenue cycle issues are the number one issue for surgery centers.  EDI expert Vanessa DiMantova touches on some of the revenue cycle dynamics for ASCs. Recent surveys show 51% of ASC Managers identify proper reimbursement as their number one practice issue. …

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ICD10 Help

Help From CMS for ICD10 for Small Practices

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the availability of its webcast series “Road to 10″ to support small practices in their transition to ICD10.  The first installment is now available on-demand on the CMS website. The federal agency has announced the on-demand availability of its first webcast in an ongoing series…

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Revenue Cycle Management Market

North American Revenue Cycle Management System (RCM) Market is Expected to Reach $3,161.5 Million in 2018

Micromarket Monitor reports that the North American revenue cycle management market is currently valued at $2,235 million and is estimated to grow to $3,161M by 2018.  The CAGR from 2013 to 2018 being 7.2%. Another interesting way of measuring the current rate of growing (in the United States anyway) is to look at employment trends. …

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Meaningful Use Stage 2

Provider’s Will Not Be Happy With Meaningful Use Final Rule

Joseph Goedert does a great job of summarizing where CMS’s final rule adding flexibility falls short.  Analysis  continues to roll in.  You can read Joseph Goedert’s full summary below. The federal government at the start of the Labor Day weekend finalized a rule to add flexibility to attesting for Medicare and Medicaid Stages 1 and…

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CMS Issues Final Rule on EHR Certification Flexibility, MU Stage 2 Extension, and MU Stage 3 Timeline

What changed with the CMS Final Rule on Meaningful Use Flexibility? [quick visual summary]

A short cometary and visual guide to what changed has been provided by John Lynn. @ehrandhit  These two charts do a good job of showing the new “flexibility” in the CMS final rule on Meaningful Use. Also the Meaningful Use updated timeline: Read all of John Lynn’s comments here: I can’t figure out what government…

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