The ASC Recipe for Success

Tip for ASC RCM Success

Change has been hitting the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) space full blast.  Reimbursement and revenue cycle issues are the number one issue for surgery centers.  EDI expert Vanessa DiMantova touches on some of the revenue cycle dynamics for ASCs.

Recent surveys show 51% of ASC Managers identify proper reimbursement as their number one practice issue.  This is an especially crucial point since ASCs can have close to 75% less reimbursement for the same procedures as their hospital-run counter parts.  With close to 6000 ASCs nationwide, providers continue to struggle to find a consistent and reliable clearinghouse to handle their claims processing.  Unlike the ambulatory market which has many clearinghouse options, there are very few clearinghouses geared specifically to the ASC market.  As patient responsibility grows, price comparison is becoming more commonplace.  Patients will seek the less expensive option between ASC and their lower cost options.   

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